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🌿 Introducing Our Grass-Fed Beef Box - 10 lb

Indulge in our Grass-Fed Beef Box, curated with care from pasture to plate. At Perfect Chaos Ranch, we take pride in offering you a 10 lb selection of premium grass-fed beef, meticulously crafted for the conscious carnivore.

🐄 The PCR Difference:

Sourced from humanely raised cattle, our grass-fed beef reflects our commitment to ethical farming practices. Our cattle roam freely on open pastures, enjoying nature's bounty, and are raised without the use of antibiotics. This ensures that each cut in your 10 lb Beef Box is not only delicious but also a responsible choice for you and your family.

What to Expect:

  • Grass-Fed Goodness: Immerse your taste buds in the rich, natural flavors of beef raised on the finest grasses.
  • No Antibiotics: We believe in the purity of our product, so you can enjoy your beef with confidence.
  • Humanely Raised: Our commitment to ethical farming extends to the well-being of our cattle, ensuring a stress-free and happy life.
  • Flash Frozen
  • Vacuum Sealed and Labeled

🍽️ Versatile Cuts to Sample:

Inside your 10 lb Beef Box, discover a thoughtfully curated selection of cuts - from succulent steaks to versatile ground beef. Perfect for creating memorable meals that satisfy your culinary cravings.

Example: (Not Guaranteed)

2 - Packages of Carne Asada

2 - Ribeye Steaks 

2- T-Bone Steaks

2 - 1 lb Ground Beef 

1 - Packages Stew Meat

1 - Chuck Roast 

🚚 Conveniently Delivered to Your Doorstep:

Experience the convenience of doorstep delivery without compromising on quality. Order your 10 lb Grass-Fed Beef Box and taste the difference from store bought beef. 

🛒 Add to Cart for yourself or as a gift and elevate your dining experience with the premium quality of Perfect Chaos Ranch Grass-Fed Beef!


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